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Life is Now! A Seminar on Staying in the moment October 18, 2010

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Life is Now: A Seminar on staying in the moment I will be sharing some wonderful information about staying in the moment on Oct. 27th at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC at 5:30.  Call (212) 241-7393 for reservations for seating is limited! Here is the link to the flyer that went out to their patients!

Hope to see you there! Love and Light





The little things…. October 7, 2010

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You know how people say,” Enjoy the little things.” Well… I actually think that it is those little things that make all the difference and that they are not so little. Like…. a new pair of sneakers or buying yourself flowers or a sunny day after a lot of rain. This is assuming that they are just things, not big monumental moments in ones life…. But who’s to say that these “little things” don’t shift the regular moments in ones life to add more happiness so that the big moments can occur more often! So don’t knock those “little things” they may not be so little after all!

And what goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway…. everyone’s treasure is different, So hold those little things close to your heart you never know how it may grow into something pretty great!


Love and Light



What are you willing to do to help another? October 1, 2010

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I witnessed an accident the other day… a rather violent car accident where I was the first on the scene to help an 18 year old girl who flipped her car. Suffice it to say that everyone was alright and this is not about me but it got me to thinking. I don’t believe that I did anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done…. right?

What do you think you would be willing and able to do in a crisis.  Are you a clear-headed person? Do you panic? But really… What are you WILLING to do? I guess this is on that same topic I tend to go back to about living and playing your life full-out…. Live it! Play! Reach out a hand because you never know when you will need one.

Love and Light



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