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My Morning Walks…. July 3, 2013

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I recently started a video project where I talk about what has gone through my mind during my morning walk.  And this is big for me and I’ll tell you why:  I have been a professional working actor for 17 years and during that time a certain preparedness was drilled into my head.  Professionalism to me meant to ALWAYS be camera ready.  That means script memorized, hair and make-up flawless and wardrobe top notch.  Going without make and a shower would be simply unheard of… but I wanted something different with these videos.  I wanted to be as raw, open and bare as I could be.  That said I had to be willing to be vulnerable and leave myself alone…. Hence my bare face without a stitch of make-up on.  I barely go to the grocery store without my eyelashes and eyebrows on!  Now here is my guilty confession…. I Like It!  It’s easy and ease is something I can really get behind right about now.  To allow myself to let that go has been quite liberating!  It’s still amazing to me what can happen when you leave yourself alone….

What would you do if you simply allowed it?

Lots of Love!!


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