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Feeling Uninspired…. August 22, 2011

Get out and take a walk!

I was just about to post on my personal Facebook page that I was staring at my blog feeling uninspired to write, without any ideas….  So I though I would write about, just that!  How often through out the day do you stare at your work space feeling uninspired?  I know for me when that happens I get up and do a myriad other things.  Like clean my desk for the umpteenth time or clean part or all of my apartment. If this doesn’t work I take a walk, get out.  As  a writer of a few different projects the idea, for me is to ultimately just sit down and write.  It doesn’t matter how long as long as I do it.  As a blogger I figured write about how I’m feeling right now.  I don’t know about you but I get inspired when I hear about a friend who allocates a specific amount of time each day and just does it! Or the illustrious Deepak Chopra who has written many of his mountain of books right on his phone!  I have to remember, for me…. baby steps.

So my question to you is: What do you do to stay inspired?  How do you keep from getting the dull drums?  For me at the end of the day it is about living life to its fullest and as I always say, “Look up and look out!”

Love and Pink Light



Polarity Therapy Workshop! August 18, 2011

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Hey All!

My friend Maya is holding a great FREE Polarity Therapy Workshop!  I invite you to take a look.  I’ll see you all there!

Love and Pink Light



What are the signs of Procrastination… August 17, 2011

Everyone has moments where they procrastinate, but do you know what the sign’s are?  I read a great article today that got me thinking. Do you know what he’s in your way of completing tasks? What are your blocks? Do you know how to set time sensitive object goals?  Here is a great list of signs of the procrastination.

Compulsive procrastinators may not have all the signs listed here, but if you identify with many of these characteristics, you are probably a compulsive procrastinator.

  1. Disappointment is a way of life. We constantly disappoint other people and ourselves by not keeping our promises.
  1. We have enormous difficulty getting started on new projects, or transitioning from one project to another.
  1. We have a very poor sense of time, chronically underestimating or overestimating how long a task will take us to complete.
  1. We have difficulty organizing projects by breaking them down into steps; we don’t know where to start, even when we’re willing to start.
  1. We are surrounded by clutter and disorganization in our homes and work spaces.
  1. We are regularly late for appointments.
  1. We are acutely aware of what we should be doing, or think we should be doing, and oddly out of touch with what we actually want and need.
  1. We feel uncomfortable saying “no” to requests from others, and instead express our resentment through the passive resistance of procrastination.
  1. We suffer from Demand Resistance, causing us to do anything and everything except the one thing we most need to do.
  1. We are short-term thinkers, focusing on short-term pleasure while ignoring long-term well-being.

If any of these possibly relate to you a great way to manage them is to work with a Certified Life Coach!

Love and Pink Light



A Summer Re-Read! August 5, 2011

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I thought I would re-visit an old “The Who of You” post today.  It was one that we really like here at Sarah Hamilton Coaching!  Enjoy!

Love and Light



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