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TED Talk Worth Sharing November 23, 2010

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I watched this TED Talk quiet awhile ago but recently watched it again and I think it’s Spectacular!!! I believe that there is a purpose to be found in everything. And in that axiom, there is freedom of choice. We are able to choose the high, the healthier, the more anabolic choice!! One that will keep us well and healthy and get us through anything.

Love and Light!


Hope…. May 7, 2010

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As some of you may… or may not know I blogged environmentally for few years so my heart is still very much attached to environmental causes and living.  My father raised my sisters and myself with this value, “When you borrow something you return it in the same condition if not better than the way you found it”. To me this extends to our planet. We are borrowing it for however much time we have in our life.  So with everything recently: Haiti, the following Earthquakes, the oil spill and most recently the flood in Nashville Tennessee my heart aches.

Now I know that whatever we focus we have more of…so my mind wanders to a more supportive thought….. like Hope.  Then my mind drifted to a song written by Blu Sanders, who’s unbelievably talented (and a friend). I wanted to post a YouTube clip but there isn’t one so I’ll attach it to iTunes to keep it above board. But here it is in it’s complete form on his MySpace page World Without Hope.  For me it’s all about the line…. “Let’s build a future we’re proud to own.” As for me this life time is about being of service and giving back. How do you want to give back to this planet? How do you reduce, reuse or recycle?

Thanks for helping Blu!

Love and Light


Community March 24, 2010

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Community:  people with common interests living in a particular area

I was reminded today about the importance of community.  A dear friend fell and shattered her wrist over the weekend.  Which has left her pretty immobile.  She is a power house: Mom, Artist and dear friend to many.  Not only did she have a 7 year old’s birthday party to plan but she has the opening night of a Show the following weekend.  Not to mention passover when loads of friends and family alike tend to descend on her home for amazing food and unconditional love!

This leads me to my thought about community…. I live in an extraordinary area of Brooklyn.  It’s not the typical city neighborhood where you don’t know your neighbors. We all know and like each other!  When word got out what had happened friends showed up from all over.  Whether to clean, bring food, shop or pick her x-rays!  Anything and everything!  Love shows up just when we need it and then some, when you have already reached out to others!  I believe that we as humans are unable to survive without community.  I mean I’m sure you can but how could community positively affect your quality of life?

So I ask you… Where do you find your community?  How do you nurture those relationships?  Community can mean different things to all people but it inherently comes down to the same thing: Support and friendship from those around you.  Also, How do you reach for support?  My friend is a wonderful example of, “What you put out comes back to you”.  She is always the first to come when support is needed…..

So I invite you to acknowledge those who are in your Community… Give Thanks! Look around and possibly see people who are there that you may not even had realized!  Wouldn’t that be exciting!!

Love and Light


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