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“What if you could bottle Happiness?” January 16, 2015

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It never ceases to amaze me how what we need is right in front of our eyes if we are simply open to it.  So I thought I’d re-post an older blog post since it is always relevent. #LOVE ~Sarah


The other day I was putting away things that I had brought back to my apartment from my parents. They were moving out of they’re home after 40 years. Now what I’d you like you to know is that this is my childhood home and most of my things are long gone. Also this is such a wonderful thing that they are finally moving out of this enormous converted dairy barn. But That said I still have some wistful mourning to do.

Now, I was moving and shoving things that I had brought back into place as best I could….  Feeling feelings when I opened my eyes to see a box that I was shoving under my bed (which at the time made me so sad because under my bed was neat and tidy and empty) and What did I see….?

Not sometimes, but all the time when we open out eyes we see exactly what we are meant to know at that exact time if you are open to it… I am constantly saying look up and look out.  This is an absolute example of that!  I was being told to choose another thought! This is a happy moment of change! An opportunity to not let the past define who I am!  I have been asked soooooo often through out my life if I could bottle my happiness. So when I read this it was such a beautiful reminder of choosing another thought I literally started to laugh out loud all by my self in my apartment!

So Look up and look out you just might “Bottle some Happiness today”!!


Love and Pink Light



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