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What are you Gr8ful 4? November 29, 2012

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A few years ago I did a Gratitude Experiment for a month and blogged about it…. And you know what I miss it. The intensity of it…

I’ve kept a Gratitude Journal for well over a decade now and I have always found myself to be a very Gr8ful human but I got to wondering…. What would be different if I stated my gratitude not only throughout the day but out loud so that others heard me.  Well I found out a few very powerful things:

  • It immediately pulls you into the moment and quiets the chattering monkey and the gremlins.  It allows you to hear your own authentic voice.
  • By sharing with others what they are Gr8ful for we energetically hold their and your intentions at a higher more healthy level for Gratitude to grow.
  • Hence the more you find to be Gr8ful for, the more you have to be Gr8ful for!

This month-long experiment was amazing! So what was an experiment, became be part of my everyday life.   Here are the 5 things I am Gr8ful 4, for today!

Today I’m Gr8ful 4:

  1. Beautiful delicious Sunshine!
  2. My scrumptious Boyfriend!
  3. Knitting for others!
  4. Organic and Locally made Nubian Heritage Shea Butter
  5. Chinese Herbs

I invite you to join me! Start telling me what you are Gr8ful 4 and see what shows up in your life. Tweet it, Facebook it or simply comment here.  I’d LOVE to know and share in this journey with you.


Lots of Love!



Allowing…. November 26, 2012

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I think of myself as a patient person.  I’m often even told on a regular basis that I”m SO patient.  That said I’m regularly tested on this front.  Whether I plan a phone call to discuss an important issue and the person is out of town or I have ordered a time sensitive package and it is late or  traffic is crazy and I think I will be late (notice these are time related for me?).  It could be any or all of these scenarios.  I’m not even going to bring in the health issues that can occur.  I regularly write, coach or talk about allowing. Even saying this word gives me peace.

The Webster definition of Allow is:  1. admit (an event or activity) as legal or acceptable  2. give the necessary time or opportunity for.  “Give the necessary time or opportunity for”,  This is my favorite part of the definition.  When buttons are pushed as they can happen even to the best of us.  How do you return to the start of allowing?  Where you don’t struggle or fight with your given circumstances?  I am a Huge fan of breath… for more reasons than the obvious.  It helps us to return to our natural state of loving.  Loving of self and others.  It centers us.  The breath is a mini meditation. The ability to stay in this state is a bit like being a child.  Most children are very allowing because they have yet to learn their ability to control their surroundings.  They trust.  Ah trust…. So much of what gets in our way is our inability to trust.  If we stay in a state of allowing the trust comes more effortlessly.  Now I don’t mean allow others to do to you anything they choose but allow life to have its grace and kindness that we all seek.


What will you do today to allow?  To remain at peace with yourself?  How will you stay connected to your breath?


Lots of Love!



Gratitude…. November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is a time of year that always reminds me how grateful I am… And in the last few days there have been a few things that have happened to remind me even more of just this.  Today’s blog post I’m taking a moment to ask that you tell those close to you how much they mean to you and extend this love out to others that you come in contact with today. Being in a place of love not only is good for you directly but helps others in kind.  Here is a wonderful Shaker song that I simply love, love, love… Simple gifts!

Truly sending Love to you today!

And Happy Thanksgiving!



His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: “Advice for Daily Life” November 21, 2012

I posted a few days ago the October 18th lecture by His Holiness so I thought I’d post his second lecture as well.  It was on the following day at Western Connecticut State University . I also thought it was apropos after Monday’s post.  🙂 We could all use a wee bit of a reminder on living with compassion….




Noticing a trend…. November 19, 2012

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I’ve been noticing a trend on Facebook and Twitter recently.  People and pages will post status updates and the world responds accordingly… but… On the posts that are rather innocuous or even lovely, sweet and charming the responses are completely catabolic… unhealthy or negative.  I know that this is nothing new but it does seem to be escalating.  I am, to this day baffled at those who chose the catabolic response versus the anabolic or healthy response.  We choose or thoughts, reactions and feelings.  For example.: There was a picture of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sitting in a restaurant looking very loving and the caption was a conversation to exemplify a healthy marriage and the world started ripping apart the President.  No matter how one feels about our President the sentiment in the picture was really beautiful.  So my question is this Why does most of the world gravitate towards the negative when we know we can choose another way? Why do people find it easier to be destructive with their comments then compassionate.  It’s just not nice!  What we feel as a society that is ok to say to another has always flummoxed me.

Are we bombarded by this catabolic “stuff”, yes.  But do we have to choose it? No.  Compassion is the truly only way.  When we are confronted  by this toxic behavior it is our job to remind ourselves to be as compassionate as possible. I just keep thinking that if one is as hard as they are on others… How hard must they be on themselves….  I keep thinking about that age-old adage… “When you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”

Sending Love and ease out to you all!



Thoughts on a Tweet from Deepak Chopra… November 14, 2012


How do you want to be in the world?




I wanted to share this blog post…. but you have to listen instead.  Here are some thoughts on a tweet from Deepak Chopra… Another Podcast for my blog!





His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama: The Art of Compassion November 9, 2012

About a month ago His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama spoke at Western Connecticut State University in conjunction with Do Ngak Kunphen Ling: Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace which is located in Redding CT.  It was a remarkable day!  Here is the long awaited lecture for you. Enjoy!






The language We Use November 8, 2012


I was reminded of this post last night so I wanted to share it again….

I regularly post on Facebook and Twitter about language. My strongest coaching tool is helping my clients become aware of their self talk.   As we all know language has power and how we talk to ourselves can make or break our self-esteem.  That said, here is a list of words to become aware of in your speech.

Should:  The best thing to say about this one is, “Don’t should on yourself” When the word is used there usually is obligation places on the act on which you feel the need to follow through. Now here is a tough one… Only do the things that you want to do.  For example “I should go to work.”  Sure work is not necessarily great everyday but we want to make money to pay our bills.  Hence you want to make money so you go to work.  We get something out of everything that we do so I invite you to look at your motives and find the want in what you’re doing.  Then once you can find your want versus your should you are able to remove the obligation and guilt that comes along with the should.

Need: Listen to how often you use the word need…  When we need something we do not approach it with the same energetic strength that we would had we approached it with a want.  Again with the want 😉 We follow through with our goals when they are a want versus a need. Our obstacles block us when obligation strikes us. Look again…

But: ” I wanted to go swimming today but it was rainy and I thought twice about it.”  When you use the word but in a sentence you negate what is initially said.  So by looking at the sentence you really did not want to go swimming because it rained and you changed your mind.  In a sentence like this the but is really quite innocuous.  Though when used in a sentence like. “I thought your show was fantastic but in the second act…..” So you really didn’t think the show was fantastic. I simply invite you to look at what and how you are speaking to yourself and others.  Do you want your anabolic phrases to land on their own merit or would you rather land on the down note.

Can and Can’t: These 2 words are simple.  You are saying I choose to and I don’t choose to.  Now sometimes we are physically unable to do things and if we were able to choose we would. Like say for instance fly on our own accord. That said if you are, let’s say invited to a party it is completely ok to say you are unable to go due to a prior engagement but (and yes I just used the word but on purpose) if you can’t? No.  You are choosing to go to your prior engagement. Everything you do in life is a choice.  Be empowered with your thinking and choose how you respond.  Be the cause of your life not at the effect of it.

Again back to the shoulds, needs, can’ts and buts…. How do you want to approach life? Empowered and anabolic? To quote one of my favorite children’s poets Shel Silverstein:


“Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child.

Listen to the DON’TS.

Listen to the SHOULDN’TS,


Listen to the NEVER HAVES,

then listen close to me…

Anything can happen, child.

ANYTHING can be.” 


Listen to how you think….




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