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Hope… November 22, 2011

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I blogged over a year ago where I had a song attached by my friend Blu Sanders.  Somehow it’s coming back around with everything that is going on, on our planet: Tragedies at our Universities, Occupy Wall Street (Where people aren’t listening) and Big business atrocities.  The song is called World without hope and there’s no way I could keep going without it! Remember that the more you focus on something the more you have!!

So know that there is hope and we as people can continue to make a difference if we hold it close.

So Much Love and Pink Light



Magic During the Season… December 8, 2010

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As the holidays are upon us and we enter the season that I happen to adore I begin to wonder how we can stay in a place of magic and joy and stay away from the stress of it all…  Now I was one of those kids who believed in Santa Clause until I was 12…now don’t judge. 😀  but it makes me wonder how I, we can regain that childhood sense of magic that happens during this season.  For me it happens the moment I see my first Christmas commercial and I don’t even care if it is before Halloween.  So what does this all mean… this season? I don’t know if I can get to it in this one blog post but if it’s an amalgamation of the birth of Christ, Yule and the Winter Solstice, Chanukah and Kwanzaa it’s one potent period.

When I think of the holidays I think of a time that best exemplifies compassion, unconditional love and hope… Hope. There is something about the word hope that encapsulates the season. Like hoping for Santa to arrive! Or hoping for the first snow fall! OR hoping for a warm beach as I tend to during this cold weather.  Hoping for family to come home for the holidays….


So I guess we stay in that place of magic and joy by staying hopeful….. What do you hope for this holiday?  Is is too much to hope for peace?  How can you be more gentle not only to others but to yourself during this season?

So I hope for you a gentle, loving, peaceful holiday.


Love and White Twinkling Lights



Hope…. May 7, 2010

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As some of you may… or may not know I blogged environmentally for few years so my heart is still very much attached to environmental causes and living.  My father raised my sisters and myself with this value, “When you borrow something you return it in the same condition if not better than the way you found it”. To me this extends to our planet. We are borrowing it for however much time we have in our life.  So with everything recently: Haiti, the following Earthquakes, the oil spill and most recently the flood in Nashville Tennessee my heart aches.

Now I know that whatever we focus we have more of…so my mind wanders to a more supportive thought….. like Hope.  Then my mind drifted to a song written by Blu Sanders, who’s unbelievably talented (and a friend). I wanted to post a YouTube clip but there isn’t one so I’ll attach it to iTunes to keep it above board. But here it is in it’s complete form on his MySpace page World Without Hope.  For me it’s all about the line…. “Let’s build a future we’re proud to own.” As for me this life time is about being of service and giving back. How do you want to give back to this planet? How do you reduce, reuse or recycle?

Thanks for helping Blu!

Love and Light


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