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Being Lazy By Doing Too Much August 10, 2015

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Unknown“There are different species of laziness: Eastern and Western. The Eastern style is like the one practised in India. It consists of hanging out all day in the sun, doing nothing, avoiding any kind of work or useful activity, drinking cups of tea, listening to Hindi film music blaring on the radio, and gossiping with friends. Western laziness is quite different. It consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so there is no time at all to confront the real issues. This form of laziness lies in our failure to choose worthwhile applications for our energy.”

Sogyal Rinpoche

This made me think about how we all spend our down time and what is the most conscious choice? Or what is the most supportive choice we can make for ourselves? I for one am guilty of being lazy by doing too much.  I consciously have to stop myself and ask what’s really going on?  How are you feeling?  🙂 Why are you cleaning, yet again.  And trust me one can clean too much.  I had a friend when I lived in England who when she called and heard I was cleaning would ask me what was wrong.  So I’m wondering if this shows up for you and if so what may be going on that you are not hearing.

It’s just a thought….





Native Wisdom… July 8, 2015

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Grey_wolf_3DNative Wisdom:One evening an elderly Cherokee brave told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside all people.


He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.  One is evil.  It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his Grandfather:

“Which wolf wins?…”

The wise old Cherokee simply replied,

“The one that you feed.”


I simply love this parable because one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is the one of free will.  The freedom to choose any direction we want! I coach a lot about choice.  Where do you want to go from here? If you don’t like how you feel make a different choice… What’s another way of looking at your situation?

So…. which wolf do you want to feed today?





Flexibility May 12, 2015

Today was day were flexibility was needed.  And I don’t mean flexibility like a gymnast.  I mean flexibility of the mind and spirit.  Sometimes plans are made and they don’t come to fruition.  How do you respond and feel? I’ve had to work be flexible.   It was not always in my nature.  A plan would change and I’d be thrown.  I didn’t go with the flow, I’d melt down.  Having to recalibrate didn’t come easily to me.  I could have an entire day thrown even by the smallest of monkey wrenches.  And then I chose a career that required flexibility, acting.  To not make plans until the day of and even then it may even change moments before an audition.  Being and actor meant that your agent would call regarding your next day up until 6ish the day before and you might even get a call the day of.  And if you wanted the job you’d say,”Yes Please!” or ” Of course I can change my plans!”.  Flexibility became an art.  Learning to be able to move forward and go on the fly meant I had a better chance of getting the job. And I did.


This ultimately helped me in all areas of my life.  Let’s say friends couldn’t make dinner or plans simply changed it became my responsibility to find the opportunity in the situation and not the obstacle.  Knowing that I am the sole proprietor over my feelings and responses is incredibly liberating.  I know for me I’d rather live in the moment and not get caught up in the drama (Now what am I going to do!!), victimization (Ohhh this will make it so hard) or blame (If they had only called me sooner!) of it all.  By not buying into the finger pointing I’m given the opportunity to stay at ease.  Which is were I chose to live.  That place of Universal flow.  Because you never know what gift might come along by letting go of the stress.


So how flexible are you?  Where might you be able to let the blame go so that you have more room for the good stuff?


Happy Spring!



Celebrate the small things! February 6, 2015

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img_0670My birthday just passed and I was thinking about celebrating and what that means to me….   We are all so use to celebrating the big things like momentous birthdays, graduations, births and so on.  But what do you so for the smaller, the less acknowledged road markers?  What do you do to honor or celebrate the small things?  I believe that if we give ourselves permission to celebrate the small things (and who’s to say that they are even really small) we will have more to celebrate.  And then there will be more big things to celebrate.

Today I do not have a headache, which for me is something to celebrate.  So how am I going about celebrating. I am listening to records as I work!  Which I am normally unable to do when there is pain in my head due to an inability to concentrate.  How you celebrate is really irrelevant.  What is relevant is that you acknowledge the moment.  Give it its just dessert.  Ohhh and I think I will have some dessert to celebrate! In all seriousness, acknowledging the good in ones life is as important as acknowledging any feeling.

In all my years of coaching I see people focus more on the bad feelings and gloss over the good.  Those two words are italicized because they are only as weighted as we make them.  Everything is impermanent so why not acknowledge more of the good!  Celebrate!  Celebrate! Because if you choose to focus on the juicy things you’ll have more yummy things to celebrate!


Happy Celebration!




Do you hibernate? February 2, 2015

SnowfallSince today is groundhog day I think it only apropos that I confess about winter.  Every year when it rears its head I feel the need to hibernate.  To crawl into bed and stay there until spring.  To metaphorically plug up my but like a bear and not climb out of my cave.  But in all seriousness I have a harder time being productive, or at least I think I do.  I start to feel guilty the moment the cold weather sets in because I feel like I “should” be doing things differently.  But this winter I’m doing things a bit differently… I’m allowing myself to be exactly as I am.  Leaving myself alone. Allowing the slowness. the needing more sleep and wanting to keep warm.

I’m from a family of “workers”  if we are not busy we are not being productive and when I am not… I feel guilty.  So I have asked myself what would happen if I left myself alone?  Allowed myself the comfort of the warmth. Although in my mind I thing that the world would fall apart but in reality I still get up meditate, exercise and get to work.  So what’s the worst thing that could happen?  ….Nothing that make my world fall apart .  How much more productive would I be by allowing myself a little extra sleep, a nap or a day here and there where I stick to my heating pad?  Well for myself I’m more productive with the time I have since I am releasing the guilt.  Why waste my time with that catabolic thought process which immediately takes me out of the moment and into feelings which don’t support me.  Somehow I seem to be enjoying the winter a bit more.  I will admit I enjoy it so much more since I work from home and I don’t have to drive anywhere.  What a spectacular thing!  So this winter I am learning to rephrase the way I look at it.

So I guess, how gentle are you with the things that you think you “should” do?  How do you keep from piling a lot of “should” on yourself? How do you handle to winter?


Energetically, albeit with a heating pad




#RadicallyBeautiful October 5, 2014


Michael Allen Wells

Mine Hill Roxbury CT


 I have been chatting a bit about finding something Radically Beautiful with my clients recently.  This effort is a great way to bring you back into the moment when we find ourselves crazed from the day.  I tend to find the way the light looks as my radically beautiful thing.  Here a couple of pictures to illustrate some light I find pretty breathtaking.  My friend Michael Alan Wells took the picture on the left.  Now let’s take a deep breath in and a deep breath out… Ahhhhhh.  Taking advantage of this skill can do so much for you.  It not only brings you right back into presence but it goes so far as to immediately lower your blood pressure.  I find seeing that which is Radically beautiful is even better than asking myself “Where are my feet right now?”.  Which has been my go to, to bring myself back into the present moment.  This skill helps us to see the beauty in the world instead of the thing that might be taking us out of the moment because we don’t like what’s currently happening.  Once we take a beat and stop and “look up and look out”  and relax into the moment we have an easier time assessing what is really going on for us.  so that we can choose what we want to feel and think.

Which leads me to my next thought.  I was out and about today with my sweetie and A-bomb and was looking at my phone when I stopped and looked up and looked out and realized I was missing the day.  How often have you been lost in a gadget and missed out on what was really happening right in front of you?  I almost missed out on a spectacular day.  So put down that gadget (of course after you stop reading this post :-)) and get out of the house today!

Share your #RadicallyBeautiful thoughts with me today!

Lots of Love



Starting the day over…. October 1, 2014

IMG_1903“We live in a non stop world!”  This phrase has been stated over and over again usually in the same sentence with the internet, social media, children, work and everything else one can imagine. Now today was one of those days for me.  It seemed as if I wanted to start my day over the moment it began.  That said there are many people who say to simply change your thoughts about the day.  Meaning that we say, “Ok now my day is exactly as we make it and thus it’s a great day!”

There is some validity to this.  To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer, “If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”.  Yet, I know that my day starts with a ritual of meditation and coffee.  So if it switches up as it did today, I can have a hard time getting back on tract.  So in the vain of seeing things that are radically beautiful today (look at last weeks post) I took a few minutes to make another cup of coffee and sit down for a sip or 2 to recalibrate.  This moment stopped me from a down hill slope.  Which gets me to my point, How do you stop the habitual pattern of the “down word spiral” of unhealthy thought?  The thoughts that keeps us in a habitual pattern that feeds our stress.  We don’t always make it easy on ourselves to simply change our thoughts on a dime.  Hence finding a way to re-center our thoughts.  I used a few moments to breathe and slow down, if only for a few moments but it worked.  This moment was #radicallybeautiful to me.  I was incorporating a centering breath with the comforting warmth of my coffee.  So how can you stop, breathe and move forward with a fresh thought pattern.  Awareness can take a bit of work.  To catch yourself before the stress or the craziness of the day gets the better of you is the goal.

I will save a whole post about awareness for another day.  But for today, take a moment to breathe and  and take into your lungs the freshness of a centered self.  Now carry on with your day, fresh.  That’s if you have had any day like mine, which of course is now quite lovely!


Lots of Love!



The language We Use November 8, 2012


I was reminded of this post last night so I wanted to share it again….

I regularly post on Facebook and Twitter about language. My strongest coaching tool is helping my clients become aware of their self talk.   As we all know language has power and how we talk to ourselves can make or break our self-esteem.  That said, here is a list of words to become aware of in your speech.

Should:  The best thing to say about this one is, “Don’t should on yourself” When the word is used there usually is obligation places on the act on which you feel the need to follow through. Now here is a tough one… Only do the things that you want to do.  For example “I should go to work.”  Sure work is not necessarily great everyday but we want to make money to pay our bills.  Hence you want to make money so you go to work.  We get something out of everything that we do so I invite you to look at your motives and find the want in what you’re doing.  Then once you can find your want versus your should you are able to remove the obligation and guilt that comes along with the should.

Need: Listen to how often you use the word need…  When we need something we do not approach it with the same energetic strength that we would had we approached it with a want.  Again with the want 😉 We follow through with our goals when they are a want versus a need. Our obstacles block us when obligation strikes us. Look again…

But: ” I wanted to go swimming today but it was rainy and I thought twice about it.”  When you use the word but in a sentence you negate what is initially said.  So by looking at the sentence you really did not want to go swimming because it rained and you changed your mind.  In a sentence like this the but is really quite innocuous.  Though when used in a sentence like. “I thought your show was fantastic but in the second act…..” So you really didn’t think the show was fantastic. I simply invite you to look at what and how you are speaking to yourself and others.  Do you want your anabolic phrases to land on their own merit or would you rather land on the down note.

Can and Can’t: These 2 words are simple.  You are saying I choose to and I don’t choose to.  Now sometimes we are physically unable to do things and if we were able to choose we would. Like say for instance fly on our own accord. That said if you are, let’s say invited to a party it is completely ok to say you are unable to go due to a prior engagement but (and yes I just used the word but on purpose) if you can’t? No.  You are choosing to go to your prior engagement. Everything you do in life is a choice.  Be empowered with your thinking and choose how you respond.  Be the cause of your life not at the effect of it.

Again back to the shoulds, needs, can’ts and buts…. How do you want to approach life? Empowered and anabolic? To quote one of my favorite children’s poets Shel Silverstein:


“Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child.

Listen to the DON’TS.

Listen to the SHOULDN’TS,


Listen to the NEVER HAVES,

then listen close to me…

Anything can happen, child.

ANYTHING can be.” 


Listen to how you think….




Reminder that I am human… October 30, 2012

I’m sure everyone is thinking that I’m going to bog about hurricane Sandy that hit the eastern seaboard the past couple of days or maybe even this contentious election campaign that’s going on right now… but no.  To start here’s a little back story about me.  As some of you may or may not know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 11 years ago and to this date I have done very well with no true “Relapses” in all that time. It even stayed away from the stress and side effects when I went through months of cancer treatment.   Yeah I know I was spanked hard in a short period of time…..

That said I have had during this past month my very first relapse since I was diagnosed (I think).  I truly count myself very lucky… With all my meditating and lecturing on  living in the moment I believe I was as prepared as I would ever have been.  There’s more…I also live with migraine.  (I don’t say suffering because as we all know pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.)  My neurologists don’t think that there’s a connection but they can’t say that they’re not connected to my MS.  I have changed my diet, meditate, receive regular acupuncture, swim (due to back surgery 2 years ago), I’ve tried reiki, not taken meds and taken meds.  All this to say that if there is a healthy possibility that it might alleviate my pain, I’ve tried it or do it.  I finally gave in to Botox treatments after regularly living with about 20 migraines a month. (this is the condensed version :-))

Now put that on top of an MS relapse that takes its form of severe vertigo and nausea with excessive Restless Leg Syndrome.  My world has been tossed sideways. I haven’t blogged in a while due to these given circumstances.  I am reminded to be gentle, to keep moving forward. To say no to certain things And to say yes to others.

But now I have to admit that for the first time in my life when I haven’t felt well it was not just me.  There is someone else who is concerned for me.  I have actually felt that “what if…” What if he sees me sick and can’t handle me this way and leaves.  As untrue as I know that to be I still got a little scared.  I have learned to function very well with pain.  I continue to go about my day even though my world is in constant motion.  I am regularly, regularly reminded that so much about life is trusting in oneself. Loving oneself.  I do not live my life as a victim… you know what I mean… the “Why me?!” syndrome.  Or using my wound as the way I am defined…. I call that wound-ology.  My regular response to that is why not me on all fronts.  Why not have great things happen too! With everything it’s a question of choice and how you want to handle it.  There’s that topic again, choice.  I chose to trust and love myself an in turn I chose to trust and love another.  And trust that it will all work itself out in the end. Or right now if it so choses…


I know that there are only great things out there for me and everyone else too! So now that the hurricane has moved on… Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled life.


Lots of Love!!!



Native Wisdom… September 23, 2012

One of the greatest gifts we have been given is the one of free will.  The freedom to chose any direction we want! I coach a lot about choice.  Where do you want to go from here? If you don’t like how you feel make a different choice… What’s another way of looking at your situation?

This “Native Wisdom” was sent to me awhile ago from my dear friend Reverend Mark Delcuze.  And then I was reminded again from another remarkable coach, Tara Roth! I believe that things show up for a reason… so Obviously this is something I need to hear.  I hope you enjoy it as much!!

Native Wisdom: A Grandfather from the Cherokee Nation was talking with his grandson.

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.
“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.”
“One wolf is evil and ugly: He is anger, envy, war, greed, self-pity, sorrow, regret, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, selfishness and arrogance.”
“The other wolf is beautiful and good: He is friendly, joyful, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, justice, fairness, empathy, generosity, true, compassion, gratitude, and deep vision.”
“This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other human as well.”
The grandson paused in deep reflection because of what his grandfather had just said. Then he finally cried out; “Oyee! Grandfather, which wolf will win?”
The elder Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.”




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