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Hello Old Friend… July 27, 2018

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted.  When last we spoke it was December 2015 and New Years resolutions was the topic du jour and I set out on a path of being of service to my parents.  So, it was more important to walk the talk of all that I believe, so certain things had to fall by the way side.  I continued to coach but the writing and social media had to take a respite.  Any free time I had went to my parents, my relationship and self-care.  The last of which was a very difficult one to do.


I had spent the last 6 months of my Mother’s life spending equal time between my home and my parents home, helping my Father care for my Mother.  Something I am so glad I was able to do and will always be thankful for the opportunity.  Yet this was a time while I was working with my partner to start a new business venture which opened the month my mother passed away.  Then in December I was required to have my 3rd back surgery (microdiscectomy, fusion and hardware removal) and afterwards my health began to cause me some serious problems and this is where I truly had to stay in the moment and walk the talk. I felt the need to serve everyone before myself to make sure that everyone was cared for before I stopped for the day.


So after my back surgery my body spiralled into a level of pain that I hadn’t known before.  Joe, my partner would touch me and unbearable pain would shoot though my body.  It turns out I had Fibromyalgia that had been triggered by my back surgery.  It’s exacerbated by the cold and we’ve had a couple of very cold winters.  So my neurologist are handling my Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine and Fibromyalgia under the same umbrella. Somehow my umbrella seems to be getting bigger and bigger.


Needless to say this was a time of constantly saying to myself, “Don’t go down a road that isn’t right in front of you, Sarah”.  I was constantly having to take deep breaths.  My self-care was and still is paramount.  My morning meditation, exercise, eating whole foods, acupuncture, looking up and looking out and not getting caught up in the little things were and are more important than ever before. Staying in the moment to stay healthy was my everything!  Two and a half years later I am finally coming around because one can’t be any good to anyone else when they aren’t being good to themselves.  What’s the expression about the oxygen mask on the airplane?  My body doesn’t hurt.  I’ll say it again my body doesn’t hurt.  Which is amazing!


Which leads me to…………. Be good to yourself so you can be good to those around you.  What do you do for your self-care and nurturing?



Energetically yours,





“What if you could bottle Happiness?” January 16, 2015

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It never ceases to amaze me how what we need is right in front of our eyes if we are simply open to it.  So I thought I’d re-post an older blog post since it is always relevent. #LOVE ~Sarah


The other day I was putting away things that I had brought back to my apartment from my parents. They were moving out of they’re home after 40 years. Now what I’d you like you to know is that this is my childhood home and most of my things are long gone. Also this is such a wonderful thing that they are finally moving out of this enormous converted dairy barn. But That said I still have some wistful mourning to do.

Now, I was moving and shoving things that I had brought back into place as best I could….  Feeling feelings when I opened my eyes to see a box that I was shoving under my bed (which at the time made me so sad because under my bed was neat and tidy and empty) and What did I see….?

Not sometimes, but all the time when we open out eyes we see exactly what we are meant to know at that exact time if you are open to it… I am constantly saying look up and look out.  This is an absolute example of that!  I was being told to choose another thought! This is a happy moment of change! An opportunity to not let the past define who I am!  I have been asked soooooo often through out my life if I could bottle my happiness. So when I read this it was such a beautiful reminder of choosing another thought I literally started to laugh out loud all by my self in my apartment!

So Look up and look out you just might “Bottle some Happiness today”!!


Love and Pink Light



Starting the day over…. October 1, 2014

IMG_1903“We live in a non stop world!”  This phrase has been stated over and over again usually in the same sentence with the internet, social media, children, work and everything else one can imagine. Now today was one of those days for me.  It seemed as if I wanted to start my day over the moment it began.  That said there are many people who say to simply change your thoughts about the day.  Meaning that we say, “Ok now my day is exactly as we make it and thus it’s a great day!”

There is some validity to this.  To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer, “If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”.  Yet, I know that my day starts with a ritual of meditation and coffee.  So if it switches up as it did today, I can have a hard time getting back on tract.  So in the vain of seeing things that are radically beautiful today (look at last weeks post) I took a few minutes to make another cup of coffee and sit down for a sip or 2 to recalibrate.  This moment stopped me from a down hill slope.  Which gets me to my point, How do you stop the habitual pattern of the “down word spiral” of unhealthy thought?  The thoughts that keeps us in a habitual pattern that feeds our stress.  We don’t always make it easy on ourselves to simply change our thoughts on a dime.  Hence finding a way to re-center our thoughts.  I used a few moments to breathe and slow down, if only for a few moments but it worked.  This moment was #radicallybeautiful to me.  I was incorporating a centering breath with the comforting warmth of my coffee.  So how can you stop, breathe and move forward with a fresh thought pattern.  Awareness can take a bit of work.  To catch yourself before the stress or the craziness of the day gets the better of you is the goal.

I will save a whole post about awareness for another day.  But for today, take a moment to breathe and  and take into your lungs the freshness of a centered self.  Now carry on with your day, fresh.  That’s if you have had any day like mine, which of course is now quite lovely!


Lots of Love!



Re-invention October 31, 2013

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Happy Halloween Everyone!


There’s a remarkable thing about coaching….. I often find that the very thing my clients want to work on is the same exact thing that I want to be aware of in my own life. This synergistic confluence of events has always been remarkable to me!  I have been coaching recently around re-invention and how we can move forward with the idea of it being an exciting new adventure.  And since it’s Halloween and everyone is working on the their costumes it got me thinking….

I love Halloween and all it’s costumes and creation of characters.  Every year as we start down the path of deciding “what to be” it’s such a fun opportunity to play…..  What would happen if we embraced life as an exciting “what to be”.  Change in our lives can be scary and over whelming but think of the possibilities that we could have if we stay in the moment and ask our selves what’s my opportunity here to enjoy this new creation?


So my questions are: What are you going to be for Halloween?  What re-invention are you going to create for yourself? How are you going to play in your life?


Lots of Love!



“New Beginnings” September 17, 2013

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New York City Ballet filmed New Beginnings at sunrise on the 57th floor of 4 World Trade Center (previously known as the Freedom Tower) in lower Manhattan.  This stunning short film captures the extraordinary and moving performance of Christopher Wheeldon’s “After the Rain”.  It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home.  I thought I’d show this today with all the craziness in the world  I’m wondering what you do to bring yourself back to center, to take a deep breath, to find your “home”.


I’d love to hear what you do! And make sure you watch this is full screen.


(Thank you Tina Roth Isenberg)


Lots of Love



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