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A Proposal That Gets Me Thinking… May 27, 2012

This phenomenal marriage proposal that’s been flying around the internet and the news has got me thinking.  Not only was I, like everyone else crying by the end, (then again I cry at Hallmark commercials) but I was flabbergasted at how much effort the boyfriend put into his proposal.   I dare you to watch it and not be moved.  On the news he said he only rehearsed it once since he and many of his friends are actors but how much planning and choreographing went into what he did for someone he loves?  That said how far are you willing to go to achieve what you love?

I used to work with high school kids and would say to them find something that you love so, that which you call work won’t feel like work at all.  The more you love something the easier it is to do.  Are you doing everything possible to achieve what it is that you want? Not everything you think you could do?  Go, Go, Go! And let’s just say it I love, Love!

Play full-out and like Issac get creative!



P.S. I just watched it again and with a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes. 🙂

I Want it NOW Daddy! May 21, 2012

I’m sure you all have heard the line,”I want it now, Daddy!” from the famous Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s colorful character, Veruca Salt…

Often times when reaching for a goal be it personal, spiritual or work related we all get a little impatient when waiting for results.  This impatience can inform us as to where we are in relation to our goal or it simply could be Veruca rearing her ugly head…

If we have faith that it, the goal will arrive and you are doing all the steps necessary, (playing full-out as in last weeks post) then place an order with the waiter and trust that it’ll show up.  You know how when you’re at a restaurant and you place an order with the waiter, you trust that it’ll be on your table within a certain amount of time.  Going after your goal is a bit like that.  Doing the work then trusting in the out coming. I mean hey, we all can get impatient about when the out come arrives… But that is usually due to not truly trusting that it will arrive so by having it arrive now! you know you’re not walking down the wrong alley. And it could be that you simply want the fruits of your labor now… No matter what it all boils down to trust.

I have written before that life, a relationship and/or a goal have no finish line if it’s in alignment with who you are. And if a job or goal doesn’t transpire it’s the beginning of something else so in reality there is no end.  Think more about that and wanting it  now! may abate a bit…

Or just start signing… It helped Veruca!




Playing Full Out! May 15, 2012

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I’ve been talking to my clients recently about playing full-out.  Imagine you are playing a game of kick ball…. The sun is shinning.  You have all your friends around you on your team and the away team are people you don;t know.  Are you the one standing up and cheering for each team mater as they go to kick?  Do you even cheer for the apposing team?  Are you giving %110 when it’s your time to play?  Whether you win or lose do you respond exactly the same way… With absolute Joy and passion?  Do you find a take away every time you play so that you learn something?

Or do you…..

Sit on the bench and just watch?  Do you only cheer if someone kicks a home run? Do you cheer if you win and sulk when you lose? And when it’s your time to kick you give it just what it needs to get you to first base? And at the end of it all you walk away only to repeat the same actions as before the next time you play?

These are just a few thoughts about playing full-out… They’re all applicable to life. Giving your all to everything you do with passion and joy is exciting not only for you but for those around you who witness your experience and actions.  Learning from each experience so that you can be greater in the next it such a wonderful way of living life.  I’m all for playing full-out.  And every now and then I have to ask myself, “Are you playing small?” so then I can shift to the next level of Joy.


So for the week I highly invite you to look at how you’re playing in your life and then Play Full-Out!


Kick that Ball!




#TheLoveProject May 6, 2012

Last week I started a new hashtag group on Twitter and Face book with my clients and friends.  It is The Love Project! It’s a place were you can write about all the things that you love and make you happy! Because as you know I am a fan of the expression, “That which you focus on you have more of”  So why not focus on LOVE!  I’m sure you all have moments were you grouse and groan but as we know that doesn’t make the uncomfortable situation go away.  And it may temporarily make you fell better but why not change it completely? Shift your thinking in that moment to what it is that you want, like or love!

So here’s how it works… Every time you see, hear, feel, think of, or sense something that you love, Say it out loud for the world to hear or in this case read so it becomes greater! Write it on my Facebook wall or tweet it to me @ThatHamilton For when you start to focus on love more regularly the other stuff will pale in comparison!

Join in on the Love at #theloveproject!




How much are you willing to do? May 1, 2012

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What it may look like.... I just see it!

Last thursday was a spectacular spring day here on the east coast and I spent my early morning driving around with a friend going to tag sales!  Such a fun adventure and as we drove past a house in much need of some love he saw a VW Karmann Ghia hidden way in the back of the property in a shed.  It too was in much need of some  love.  That said what he did is rather inspiring… He wanted to go and ask the owner about it and see if it was for sale!  So we drove down the drive way and got out and knocked on the door… I have to admit the excitement was rising in my tummy… I loved it! And before you say it, Yes it was very American Pickers of us and Mike and Frank would approve.  So my friend asked about it, looked closely at it, crawled on the ground with the years of dirt, examined the engine which had seized up due to years of not being driven….. All this got me thinking… How many people would be willing to get out of their car and go up to a complete strangers door in order to follow their desire, want or goal?  How many people would be willing to follow-up with calls and offers and be consumed with that one desire of acquiring their pot of gold?

Now in this story there are myriad lessons to learn but I am going to focus on just 1 today. And the question is this… How much are you willing to do in order to reach your goal? How hard are you willing to work AND just how big of a risk are you willing to take in order to reach the proverbial Emerald City? Now I often ask my clients Do you believe you are doing everything possible to complete your goal.  Which in turn, they say yes but when we get down to it they have not done everything in their power.

So much about achieving a goal is knowing that you deserve it! Completely, Utterly Deserve it! There is enough for us all to have our own piece of the pie, No matter how big a slice! Hence you deserve to work as hard as humanly possible in order to acquire it!  It makes the end result all the more sweet.  We so often stop half way through for one reason or the other… we all have done it. We make our steps towards our goal to big so we get discouraged.  Our baby steps are forgotten.  But what would happen if you kept focused on what ever your goal is so much so that there was only one thing that happened… Success.  Creating smart goals to move forward.  You know the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again!” Now I know there are people who need to learn to actually let things go but for the most part, people lose focus or energy or… you fill in the blank, half way through.  Oh to have the energy of a teenager! You’d be unstoppable! So by creating achievable goals and not loosing focus anything is possible!

So I got excited when my friend not only stopped at a strangers house but followed up with phone calls…. Soon that beautiful Karmann Ghia will receive the love that it deserves!  I just see it!

Love and Pink Light,



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