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Attracting a man or a woman… January 31, 2012

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I regularly talk to my clients about what it means to attract a man or a woman… What kind of attraction do they want or for that fact what kind of a human do they want.  I mean I could be glib and say to a woman, “A good push up bra! Since men are so visual!”  But I’m not glib and not all men like big boobs…. I think.  Or I could say to a man, “Work on your butt! Since most woman like a nice bum.”  But again… not glib.  In all honesty the Most attractive person is the one who loves themselves and exudes a serene sense of confidence.  Confidence is the best make-up or cologne any person could wear.  This is why I say a true love for ones self can do this.  It is not a false bravado or arrogance but a calm kindness towards self.  Looking within is the only place to go to see your true beauty and not going for the outer and superficial idea of what’s attractive.


So what can you do to bolster your sense of self love?  What do you so to feel confident? What helps you feel strong… on the inside?


Love and Pink Light



The Sign of Insanity… January 29, 2012

You know how they say the first sign of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect a different outcome each time? Well I wonder how one can do something differently if they don’t know what the problem is.  Awareness is different for everyone.  It can take the form of seeing the problem and making sustainable change to seeing the problem and being paralyzed and not knowing where to go.  That said there is also the category that doesn’t even see the problem but knows that their life isn’t what they would want.  Acknowledging the, bump in the road (I’m not a fan of calling things problems… they’re just an opportunity for growth) isn’t as easy as it may seem.  There’s a lot of fear tied up in seeing a “problem”.  “How am I not showing up?” is not always a comfortable question.  It connotes failure and our society doesn’t always look kindly on “failure”.  So what would happen if you were to look at this situation as an opportunity verses an obsticle.  Often times people don’t look within for fear of what they might find.  But again how can you frame that differently…. Such as: “I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life!” Instead you think” I’m being giving the opportunity to create lifelong lasting friendships!” ?? Fear is at the base of all catabolic (unhealthy) thought So the main question would be, How can you be more loving to yourself when these thoughts come up?  Also if you don’t even see that the catabolic though is even a detriment to your quality of life that too can have repercussions.  I understand that these feelings come up for Everyone but it is how you shift out of them that is the beauty of it all!!


Love and Pink Light



10 Steps to a Healthy Relationship! January 6, 2012

I have been organizing a Free Tele-Seminar, “10 Steps to a Healthy Relationship!”.  I’m getting excited the closer I get to the date!  The sharing of time with loving people to expand their already innate knowledge.  We all have arrived on this planet with everything we need to be the most unconditionally loving people we can be.  And to constantly continue are path to further expansion and knowledge is an exciting idea to me. People coming together to share in a collective idea based in Love really makes me kvell!

I have organized 10 steps triggered by my 3 focal points.  My favorite of which is: “Continue to foster the love for yourself.  For when you can love yourself, flaws and all you can love your partner more completely for who they are.”  And I really mean ALL your flaws… Think about it How often do you look in the mirror and “pick” at yourself? For that fact look at others and pick at them?  By being as gentle as you can, this helps to facillitate internal and external love. Also we  all get wrapped up in the daily rig-a-ma-roll that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves… and in turn our partner.  What can you do to care for yourself? To take time….? To breathe..

I look forward to talking with you all!

Love and Pink Light



Starting the Year Off on the Right Foot? January 3, 2012

We as humans even if we dont’ mean to do it we end one year and start the next year thinking about our resolutions and what we want to do to start fresh.  As Life Coaches we monopolize on this.  You’ll here “It’s time to get Healthy’ or “It’s time to make that change!” It is the fresh resurgence of new clients after the 1st of the year.  Now I, like the best of them , love this beginning of newness.  But I wonder what would happen if you the client made it an ongoing process instead of the fast starts and quick completions.  Or are you even completing? We are constantly a work in progress and glorious being.  We didn’t do anything “wrong ” the previous year for us not to have reached fulfillment.  It takes baby steps to start anything new.  Why don’t we simply love ourselves Just The Way We Are? And be ok if something doesn’t shift over night.  If you think about it never does.  The Universe is constantly conspiring on our behalf and working when we you least expect it.


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