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A Summer Re-Read! August 5, 2011

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I thought I would re-visit an old “The Who of You” post today.  It was one that we really like here at Sarah Hamilton Coaching!  Enjoy!

Love and Light



The Who of You… January 14, 2011

The who of what we are is very much predicated upon how we talk to ourselves.  (Bare with me here for a minute… ) So I was wondering; How do you talk to yourself when you look in the mirror? These private moments are usually when , as I put it, our chattering monkey comes out. You know, that little voice of judgement. The one that says… “Eeewww you’ve gained weight!” or “Are you kidding me? Have I really got those bags under my eyes and over my thighs!!!”  We tend to judge ourselves because something else deeper is really going on.  And then we become our human punching bag.

So then I wonder what would happen if you simply looked and said gently, “How spectacular that I’m here today.” Now I know that might not be so easy but how about, “Sheew, I actually made it out of bed”… You get the idea.  Make it organic for your positive (anabolic)  Zsuzs!  The thing here is that we start to believe our own self talk.  You know the expression,”We are our own worst enemy?  I invite you to re-frame that to, “We are our own best friend!”

When I was a little kid I was given the most amazing privilege to work with a marvelous director.  He told us to look in the mirror everyday and give ourselves a BIG HUG!  Then kiss ourselves from our finger tips on up each of our arms.  Then say,”I. Love. Me!”  Now remember I was a little kid about about 10.  Little did I realize just how important that was to the formation of a mind.  Now I invite you to do the same.  You may feel exceptionally silly at first but after a while you just might see.

Because if you are not passionate about you…. Who will be?


Love and Pink Light



The Who of You… December 23, 2010

What would happen if we all decided to leave ourselves alone and simply show up… with ALL of who we are and our so-called “stuff?  I for one hope that we all have some stuff because the older we get the more we have.  It is what makes us human and fallible and conscious.  Without it we wouldn’t be our rich full intricate selves… Think of it as a Jackson Pollock life.  The more intricate the paint splatter the more interesting we become.  So what if we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, open with out all the obfuscation of the thoughts of what we “Should”be?

There’s that word again… should. We all have moments of piling a lot of should on ourselves but again… Breathe stay in the moment and ask yourself what might you be frightened of as to allow yourself to not show up authentically. I have an idea!! Live a so-called expressionists life!! And what I mean by that is be brave!! Throw some paint around! We might not be Mr. Pollock but our lives might be expressionally fun!

Be Bold! Be Brave!

Love and Light



The Who of You June 8, 2010

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I thought I’d put my thoughts down in a new way this week……. a pod cast!

The Who of You

How can we show up with the unconditional love of a baby?


The Who of You… May 19, 2010

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When children are little what is one of the first question they are asked?……..”What do you want to be when you grow up?” And I have to confess that I as a coach asked my clients the same question because it tells us an inner passion that may have not been fulfilled and can be explored.

But what I am more interested in is the question, “How do you want to be when you grow up?”  If you were to ask a child or for that fact even an adult “How do you what to be when you grow up?” I doubt they would say overstressed, over worked, cranky, uncommunicative, depressed… you get the idea. They would say Joyful, happy, playful, carefree and Loving. Now doesn’t that sound just beautiful!  I feel even light simply typing those words….. What would happen if we followed “How do you want to be when you grow up?” verses “What do you want to be when you grow up?” How do you think it wold affect your quality of life? Your interaction with people let alone your self?  How magnificent would it be to follow are how which would envelope are what so that everything that we did was led by Joyousness, Playfulness and Love….

My final question to you is…. How do You want to be when you grow up?

Love and Light


The Who of You… May 13, 2010

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I am going to start a weekly posting called “The Who of You”. Of course there will be the other regular musings to read but this one is special.  I have had very unique thought about love for a while…. There are a lot of books out in the world the talk about the “What’s” and the “How’s” of being in the dating and love world.  It all seems to focus on the exterior. The hugely successful books “He’s just not that into you” or “The Rules” never focus on the who…. Like, hey do you even like him? How do you feel about you? What makes you sing? What are your joys?…. The inside of you. Who truly are you in this world?

We live in a world that lives on an IV drip of real-time information and we don’t stop to see and listen to our own inner voice to hear who we are.  So it is all about what we are, our job, our home, our car and what we can provide.  What’s the first thing you ask when meeting someone at a party… it’s usually What do you do for a living?  That’s the What of a person..How about What’s the last book you read or What did you want to be when you grew up. Stop for  a minute and think about our society and how it supports the what of us and not the who.  So how can we be expected to enter a relationship that is supported by the who. We have lived this way for centuries so how can be begin to shift this thought process?

This is just the beginning of my musing of the who of you!


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