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What are you Gr8ful 4? March 18, 2010

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Back in November I started a Gratitude Experiment for a month and blogged about it…. And you know what I miss it.

I’ve kept a Gratitude Journal for over a decade now and I have always found myself to be a very Gr8ful human but I got to wondering…. What would be different if I stated my gratitude not only throughout the day but out loud so that others heard me.  Well I found out a few very powerful things:

  • It immediately pulls you into the moment and quiets the chattering monkey and the gremlins.  It allows you to hear your own authentic voice.
  • By sharing with others what they are Gr8ful for we energetically hold their and your intentions at a higher more healthy level for Gratitude to grow.
  • Hence the more you find to be Gr8ful for, the more you have to be Gr8ful for!

This month-long experiment was amazing! So what was an experiment, is now going to be part of my everyday life.   Here are the 5 things I am Gr8ful 4, for today!

Today I’m Gr8ful 4:

  1. Beautiful delicious Sunshine!
  2. A cranberry scone from Once Upon a Tart
  3. Clearing away things and taking them to Good Will (Check Out yesterday’s )
  4. Organic and Locally made Nubian Heritage Shea Butter
  5. Chinese Herbs

I invite you to join me! Start telling me what you are Gr8ful 4 and see what shows up in your life. Tweet it, Facebook it or simply comment here.  I’d LOVE to know and share in this journey with you.


2 Responses to “What are you Gr8ful 4?”

  1. xsi Says:

    I’m gr8ful for:

    1. My girlfriend
    2. Intuition
    3. Fresh mineral water
    4. Pickled cabbage juice and the soup made out of it
    5. Aldous Huxley for his novels

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