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Love March 25, 2010

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“To risk loving, knowing that loss is inevitable, I think, is the single most important challenge of our lives.”

Pam Houston

I read this quote this morning and it has been sitting with me… I believe that I am on this planet to be as unconditionally loving as I can be. Not only to myself but to others.  Once we are able to master this we can be and do anything. Set healthy boundaries, be profoundly present, and love, simply love.  But here is my thought for you… loss, loss as in a break-up.  Do we actually lose that person? Or do we lose their presence in our present life? How are we entering the relationships in are lives? Even the simply social ones.  What are our motives? How wonderful would it be if we could truly be present with the time we are allotted.  A day, week, month, year or decade.  Loss is inevitable… If we stay in the present and cherish all that we have, what we have is a gift for what ever time we are given. So my question is how would you like to enter your relationships?  What kind of presence would you like to have?

What does this quote mean to you? How does it resonate?


2 Responses to “Love”

  1. xsi Says:

    Why should we lose the ones we love now? One of the famous Romanian critics said: ‘Although he died, he is more alive inside his works and our memories, than when we had a cup of coffee a day before he went away’. The question ‘Why love when loss is inevitable?’ is as silly as ‘Why live if you’ll die?’ or ‘Why eat if you’ll be hungry again later?’. It is TODAY you have to love, eat and live. Even if it sometimes SEEMS like a waste of time. To answer your other questions, I enter every relationship (from simple one-day friendships to loves lasting for years) because I want to be close to a person, because I feel that he or she has something that might complete me, or something that is in common, and to share that. If I’m lucky, then I will leave a mark inside his/her personality, or I will be a pleasant memory.

    Sorry if this bored you, it wasn’t ment to.

    Take care


    • Thank You XSI! Questioning is never boring!
      The quote does not state that we lose now it simply states that it is inevitable… Whether through walking away or let’s face it death. We actually agree about Loving, living and even eating that they are precious gifts but I ask you one question… What is your reason for entering these relationships? Isn’t it our ideal to be the most whole person we can be so that we bring our most complete self and share who we are? Rather then place way too much responsibility on someone else to complete us and on us to do the same? So then we can share our ideas, love and lives.

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