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What’s my Opportunity? May 18, 2010

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I rarely talk about my own doings but I thought it was important because we as coaches work like everyone else to walk the talk…..It has been 2 months now of lying on my back.  Each day I wake and ask myself, “What’s my opportunity?”…. “What is the purpose to be found here?”…. Gifts and Blessings!! The opportunity is to rest and take time to heal.   I have to say that one of my favorite moment is having coffee with my parents everyday.  Something I would never get to do in Brooklyn. But the best part is becoming re-acquainted with my Zen Buddhist connection.  I have been meditation for over 20 years now. Though recently I have been doing mehta or loving kindness meditation every morning.  I already knew that each day was a gift but being attached to a bed with no strength in a leg , among other things while healing from back surgery has really become rather unimportant. It gives me more to look forward to and grow from!

Where are there opportunity or blessings where you might be seeing obstacles?  How can you be more loving to those around you…. even if it is the checkout person at the Grocery Store?  Look Up and Look Out!

Love and Light


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