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Brick Walls…. June 4, 2010

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Do you know how some days your life simply flows with ease and you see synergy flowing everywhere…. Like, oops! You forgot to pick-up stamps at the post office.  You get to work and your co-worker just so happens to be going and asks if you need anything.  Viola! Your stamps! Or you have been wanting a piano for ages and a friend just happens to be giving one away!!

Then there are “Those” days where it seems like you are running into one brick wall after another.  How would it be different if you allowed for an attitude of relaxation and a willingness to let your life flow without the tension of resistance. If there is a purpose to be found in everything that we do… What could be the purpose or opportunity in your brick wall? What might you be resisting? And it isn’t to throw your computer across the room because it isn’t doing what you would like.  Could it be a reminder that our pace and need to get things done is not allowing our energies to flow in such away that we are open and conscious to what is at our fingertips?

So the next time you run into a brick wall, I invite you to breathe and stay open to where you might be resisting the flow of life.  Cuz ya just never know…there might be a ladder laying right next to you and you’re just not seeing it.



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