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The Who of You… December 6, 2010

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How do you want to show up in a relationship? We all have stuff. The older we get the more we have. I would hope so. That means we’ve lived. It’s How we show up, that is the question that I have…. Is it with Loving kindness and compassion or is it stuck and immovable? How do you show up in the world? There are so many books out there telling us as woman what to do and not do to “get” a man verses simply being our authentic selves. Same goes for men because they love “bitches” don’t ya know. But in actuality we all don’t have to be anything other than Who we organically are… that goofy, awkward, gorgeous whoever we are, self.

You know that old saying, “If it’s the right relationship you can’t do anything wrong and if it’s the wrong relationship, you can’t do anything right” Now I don’t speak in right or wrongs (because it just is) but there is some validity to this expression. If you are living in your authentic shoes so to speak, it really doesn’t matter what you do because you are living compassionately towards yourself and others. Hence living a full authentic life when the person comes along that fits just so the puzzle pieces will fit together!

Love and Light


2 Responses to “The Who of You…”

  1. Ellen Secrest Says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your blog and always find a little gem of wisdom in each one! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful time of year when NYC is at its best! Am sending lots of wishes for much happiness and good health in the coming year. I’m heading up to Tennessee to spend Christmas with Lauren and her family – just spent a weekend with Chris and his tribe in Ft. Lauderdale so life is good!!! Take care and thanks for this wonderful site!!!

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