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I ache for my partner… March 14, 2011

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How do I open the conversation about sex with my partner?  What if I am single for the rest of my life?….. What I want to know is what are you really wondering? To me it’s the pain point of that question.  And what do you really have to gain?

What you really are saying with those questions are: My partner isn’t talking to me and I’m painfully lonely and he’s/she’s not being intimate. Again… I’m painfully lonely.  Here are some more pain points; I ache to feel sensual pleasure! I’m frightened my Orgasm is gone. I’m frightened my body isn’t working anymore.  I’m sure you have your own pain point.  Now I’m sure you may be wondering what a pain point is.  It is the point at which you reach for help it is the pain at which you can’t take it anymore.  And it’s where you have to most to gain to ask for that help and strive for the goal that will help you be the best spiritual sensual human you can be.

Now what might be keeping you from that gain? Fear? What block is it?  What limiting belief is keeping you from reaching that gain?  What are you willing to do to remove that pain from your life?


Now I ask you What is you pain point?  What is the thing or moment where you have had enough? And what are you willing to do to get rid of it?



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