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Live Like You’re On Vacation! July 21, 2011

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I have a theory… When we are on vacation we are more open and tend to meet more people.  We hear about summer romances and vacation flings or better yet we meet a new partner!  What would happen if we lived our whole life like we were on vacation?  Now I know what you’re thinking….that we have our work and daily routines but what would happen if we  took a breath and slowed down a bit.  Become more conscious about our day???

When we are on vacation we tend to slow down and even breathe a bit more slowly.  We look up and out to see what’s around us. We might even get off the bus or out of the car to let’s say… look at a park that we might simply drive by on our regular travels.  But mostly we tend to talk more with people who we may just pass by…  We’ll talk to the waiter a bit more or the person sitting next to us on the beach. How are you different when you are on vacation?  What would happen if we looked up and looked out in our daily routine?  Breathe a bit slower? Smile??? Be open to new experiences? You might just be surprised at what and who might just show up. Worst case scenario  is that You might just show up in a more present way.  And how exciting is that!!


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