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Playing Full Out! May 15, 2012

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I’ve been talking to my clients recently about playing full-out.  Imagine you are playing a game of kick ball…. The sun is shinning.  You have all your friends around you on your team and the away team are people you don;t know.  Are you the one standing up and cheering for each team mater as they go to kick?  Do you even cheer for the apposing team?  Are you giving %110 when it’s your time to play?  Whether you win or lose do you respond exactly the same way… With absolute Joy and passion?  Do you find a take away every time you play so that you learn something?

Or do you…..

Sit on the bench and just watch?  Do you only cheer if someone kicks a home run? Do you cheer if you win and sulk when you lose? And when it’s your time to kick you give it just what it needs to get you to first base? And at the end of it all you walk away only to repeat the same actions as before the next time you play?

These are just a few thoughts about playing full-out… They’re all applicable to life. Giving your all to everything you do with passion and joy is exciting not only for you but for those around you who witness your experience and actions.  Learning from each experience so that you can be greater in the next it such a wonderful way of living life.  I’m all for playing full-out.  And every now and then I have to ask myself, “Are you playing small?” so then I can shift to the next level of Joy.


So for the week I highly invite you to look at how you’re playing in your life and then Play Full-Out!


Kick that Ball!




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