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I Want it NOW Daddy! May 21, 2012

I’m sure you all have heard the line,”I want it now, Daddy!” from the famous Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s colorful character, Veruca Salt…

Often times when reaching for a goal be it personal, spiritual or work related we all get a little impatient when waiting for results.  This impatience can inform us as to where we are in relation to our goal or it simply could be Veruca rearing her ugly head…

If we have faith that it, the goal will arrive and you are doing all the steps necessary, (playing full-out as in last weeks post) then place an order with the waiter and trust that it’ll show up.  You know how when you’re at a restaurant and you place an order with the waiter, you trust that it’ll be on your table within a certain amount of time.  Going after your goal is a bit like that.  Doing the work then trusting in the out coming. I mean hey, we all can get impatient about when the out come arrives… But that is usually due to not truly trusting that it will arrive so by having it arrive now! you know you’re not walking down the wrong alley. And it could be that you simply want the fruits of your labor now… No matter what it all boils down to trust.

I have written before that life, a relationship and/or a goal have no finish line if it’s in alignment with who you are. And if a job or goal doesn’t transpire it’s the beginning of something else so in reality there is no end.  Think more about that and wanting it  now! may abate a bit…

Or just start signing… It helped Veruca!




2 Responses to “I Want it NOW Daddy!”

  1. genevieve Says:

    Absolutely brilliant! And precisely what I needed to hear this morning. Trust. It will come. The right sublettors willcome along and rent my home for the summer so I can afford to work at the animal sanctuary and have the summer I am envisioning. Faith. I’ve placed my order, now just waiting patiently for the food to arrive. Thank you, Sarah.

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