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It’s time to debunk some popular birth-control myths. Ready? April 5, 2011

I’ve been a BIG fan of Dr. Laura Berman for a long time now.  Some of you may know her from the OWN Network.  She’s been a sex educator, researcher and therapist for more than 20 years.  I receive her daily emails and thought I’d share yesterdays with you because it was quite interesting in terms of its myth versus fact on birth control.

I hope you enjoy it!  It was really 1 juice fact that got me…. Can you guess which one it was???

It’s time to debunk some popular birth-control myths. Ready?

Myth #1: All birth-control pills are created equal.
There are literally hundreds of birth-control pills on the market. Though one type may have caused you unwanted side effects, such as weight gain, acne, or menstrual spotting, another may not. All pills contain estrogen and progestin, but each formula varies in the levels of hormones it contains, as well as the kind of progestin — both factors may influence how your body reacts to a particular medication. Talk to your doctor for help finding the best choice for you.

Myth #2: The tighter a condom fits my partner, the better.
A condom that is too tight runs a higher risk of tearing — especially if your partner is energetically thrusting. Of course, you don’t want a baggy condom either, which could fall off in the middle of intercourse. A condom should fit snugly, with a little extra space at the end of the condom to catch his ejaculate. (Without that extra room, this too could break the condom — ejaculate travels at an average of 28 miles per hour!)

Myth #3: If I miss one birth-control pill, I will get pregnant from unprotected sex.
If you take your pills at the same time every day and you have been on the pill for at least one full cycle, missing one day will not increase your chances of getting pregnant. Simply take two pills the following day. If you miss more than one pill, you do need to use a back-up form of birth control for the rest of that menstrual cycle.

Myth #4: The birth-control pill will affect my ability to get pregnant in the future.
Birth-control pills have no effect on future fertility. However, if you decide to go off the pill, many doctors recommend that you give your body a three-month break to allow it to normalize before trying to get pregnant.


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