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How attached to “Woundology” are you? October 29, 2014

Today as I was doing my physical therapy in the pool today I was reminded of a word: Woundology.  Often when someone has been through some kind of life altering illness or situation that understandably becomes their raison d’être, their focus… their defining sense of self.

“They are striving to confront their painful experiences, valiantly working to bring meaning to past traumas, and exercis- ing compassionate understanding of others who share their wounds. But they are still not healing. Rather, they have redefined their lives around their wounds and the pro- cess of accepting them.”- Caroline Myss

As we try to connect to others we do so by finding a common ground but by doing so it tends to be around our wounds and that becomes our language.  I still catch myself doing it after a week of migraines I’ll say, “Sure, I can but I have to see how I feel” which I see as taking care of myself but in actuality it is setting myself up for the pain.  As opposed to simply, “Sure I can!” and then cross that bridge later when I get to it because simply since something has happened in the past doesn’t mean it will happen again.  I’m not saying it’s easy but small steps in staying in the present moment is the way to go.  There are a lot of other factors that come into play here as Ms. Myss states but for me all is aided by staying in the moment.  I focus my language around what is positive and healthy.  I also look at what the present “pain” might be telling me.  How can it inform me as to what I may not being seeing in my life.  How do I choose to be healthy? And currently I choose, as some of you may have read, something Radically Beautiful.

So I wonder, how do you talk to yourself and to others.  How do you define yourself?  And the big one what story of yourself do you create?


Lots of Love,





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