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What To Do When All Your Efforts Seem To Fail… June 27, 2012

Now that I think about it, it depends on how you view failure…. I believe that there isn’t such a thing as failure.  I don’t want to place the judgement on the “thing” that happened as good or bad it’s simply an event in life that gives me a choice as to want I want to do.  Life is merely one moment after another of opportunities to make a choice as to where you want to go from here.


We all know the age-old adage, ” When one door closes another door opens.”.  I for one am not actually a fan of that adage.  Throw the windows open!  I think that are always windows and doors open to my house so I can yet again choose.  This expression some how connotes that the door has been shut on us as opposed to being the ones doing the shutting… a bad followed by a good… Why can’t we be the ones to place the weight on how we view our existence…. I’m the one shutting the door.   I know I’m probably getting rather esoteric about my door shutting analogy but think about it, we have choice over how we view what is happening.  If “failure” isn’t an option because there isn’t something we call failure,  just simply steps towards our future… wouldn’t that make a more  joyful life?  I believe that how we respond to everything in life is a choice.  We may not have control over our subconscious thought but we do over our conscious thought.  We have the choice to either suffer or not.  That said what emotions and responses are you choosing that you may want to take on another path…?  As opposed to seeing what we haven’t down look at what you have achieved?  As opposed to seeing the glass half empty, see that there is still water in it at all? I love to find the beauty in the situation so that the harder things are not so hard at all.  And after a while you may not see anything as hard it simply is what it is without any judgement.


So go throw your windows open and air it all out!!


Energetically with love,



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