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Staying in the Moment… February 26, 2012

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As I wrote the other day the 2 main contributors to a relationships success are when you love yourself unconditionally and when you have the ability to stay in the moment.  These are the 2 main relationship issues that can catch us up, if they are not being acknowledged . When you notice that you are stuck in an unhealthy pattern, it tends to be one or both of my 2 theories that aren’t being acknowledged. So then you can ask yourself, if any of the “10 Steps” (explained in my up coming e-book) aren’t being observed. So then you can come back to love and step away from fear and breathe into the moment.

Through your breath and centering you can instantly bring yourself back into the “now” but fear immediately takes us out of it.  When we get ahead of ourselves we can’t stay present with our partner. And if we haven’t made peace with the past or fear the future we bring ALL of it into the room and relationship with us. Learn to be objectively detached and how to stay out of your partners “emotional stuff”. Staying objectively attached means, not jumping into what they’re feeling and staying with your own. Know that what your partner is feeling has nothing to do with you… Which means that the origin of the pain supersedes you at this moment. “When you realize that what you react to in others is also in you (and sometimes only in you) you begin to become aware of your own ego. At that stage, you may also realize that you were doing to others what you thought others were doing to you. You cease seeing yourself as a victim.”Eckhart Tolle This is made easier when you see your partner through your place of non-judgment.

I know that this can be easier said than done but it’s truly amazing how much a deep cleansing breath can aid us in this opportunity!

Love and Pink Light!





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