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Breath…. April 15, 2013

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slider5bThis is a short little post today due to the fact that my hand is still healing and after a day of typing it needs a little break but….

The last month or so has been wonderfully, insanely busy… with coaching, family, delicious boyfriend, back office to-do’s, finishing my meditation download and promoting my business with The Positivity Project.  And as the days move forward and I move forward the days are filled.  It seems that after I meditate in the morning I’m completely forgetting to be aware of my breath.  This is a crucial aspect in staying in the moment because it’s in the moment where we can be the most aware and of service.  How is your breathe today?

I had just sat down after completing a busy  business day and starting dinner when I gave a big exhale.  You know the kind of exhale where your whole body relaxes and gives into the soft relaxation?  It was rather delicious!  I usually have regular breath check-ins during the day but it didn’t seem to happen today….  How are you when you move through the day and have regular awareness of your breath?  I find it to allow emotions to move through me rather than get stuck.  I find it much easy to remain in the moment.  My pulse and heart rate stay down and I live in a state of gratitude.


So I guess I want to know what you to do be aware of your breath and how does it affect you?

Off to breathe!


Lots of Love-





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