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Finding Fun! November 14, 2011

I know that at the beginning of a relationship finding fun is a no brainer.  Everything we do is fun and new and exciting! In some cases just reading the telephone book together is an awesome thing because… let’s face it. It ‘s NEW!!!  But what happens years into the relationship when the bills are calling and the kids need something and you are overworked…. How do you find time to allow for the intimacy and carve out some time for fun…?  So do you make a date night that’s sacred? Do you lock the door and have the kids watch a movie??? Go for a walk somewhere you have never gone before?  Do something new!


These moments are integral in fostering the intimacy between two people.  If everything else comes before the two of you, you will lose contact and forget the reason you are even together in the first place.  When life gets ahead of you as it most certainly will, Stop and ask yourself, “What is going on for me right now?”  Bring yourself back into the moment and ask if you are living as authentically as you can, as connectedly as you can and as fun as you can. By taking a deep breath in through your nose and out your mouth you will center yourself.  Then you can ask yourself not only what you need, but what you want in that moment.  For when we lose the fun in our lives (no matter where we are, in or out of a relationship) life loses it luster.  So go out and PLAY!! Carve out some time in your crazy schedule for some silliness!


Love and Pink Light



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