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Summer Heat…. July 24, 2011

Little Sahara

With the mercury rising and most people up in arms because of the heat, what opportunity can you find instead of an obstacle when going about our daily routine.  I have to admit I’ve made many a joke when talking about the increasingly rising temp…i.e. “Another naked day in NYC!”.  But I really do LOVE the heat!! I have found that it slows me down.  I stroll instead of walk the mock speeds I tend to do.  Which in turn gives me the opportunity to look up and look out (that phrase I love so much) a bit more than I usually do.  I get some vitamin D and feel a bit more apart of the world.  And isn’t it being part of something, what it’s all about?

Instead of thinking, “This heat is gross!” You can think, “How fun to wear shorts!” or “I’m so glad we have…what ever kind of seasons you have!”.  Then I start to wonder where else I may be seeing an obstacle instead of an opportunity? Work or relationships?  So, where might you being seeing obstacles? What can this luxurious heat be teaching you other than, “It’s really nice to go naked!”?


Love and Pink Light



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