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Staying in the Moment February 6, 2010

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People say, “If I’m always setting goals and reaching for the future, then am I not squandering my now?” And we say if in your now you’re using a future event to make you feel good, you are still feeling good in your now. And that’s the best use of now that you could ever find. — Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks)

You will find that I talk a lot about staying in the moment.  It has served me well through many a difficult and wonderous time in my life.  It can make a rotten time easier and a beautiful time more rich.  Because Now is all we will ever have. I even do a Seminar on Staying in the moment and using it towards health and recovery, So when I read this quote this morning I felt all pink and sparkly! In Sarah language I’m really saying I felt joyful and did my Gratitude Dance! Feeling good about the future is bit like Gratitude… it can pull you immediately into the now.

So go feel Joyful and Gr8ful today! And don’t forget Pink and Sparkly! 😉


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