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Walking the Talk… March 14, 2012

On the Beach

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I’m regularly conscious of “walking the talk”.  I chose to live in integrity but that said it isn’t always that easy. Like everyone I can get caught up in life and what it’s can bring.  Also when I  say one thing and do another it seems inauthentic to me. Like I say that I have meditated for 25 years yet I know that for the last week I didn’t sit at all.  My buttons get pushed like anyone.

So the question is what do I do when I’m challenged? Take my time… stay in the moment. Breathe. I ultimately ask myself what am I frightened of so that I can let it go and then stand in my Truth.  I allow the feelings to be what they are so that I can see if they are really true or just my mind working over time.  Byron Katie has a wonderful series of questions to ask yourself so that you can shift out of these catabolic thoughts.  I believe my reason for being on the planet is to learn to be as unconditionally loving not only to others but to myself as well.  Because if we do we learn to set healthy boundaries all around.  I also believe that there is no end to what we do and how we live… there is no finish line so what’s the rush?

Take your time… breathe… and know that there’s no rush in an authentic life.  Hence what we say and do are 2 very similar actions!


Are you walking your talk?




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What is a heart centered relationship? February 21, 2012

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A heart-centered relationship takes time and takes self-reflection.  It is a relationship that is centered in love and not fear.  As don Miguel Ruiz states, ”The real us is pure love; we are Life” When a person is living life from a center of love their whole world reflects that.  It’s taken me a long time to get to this point in relationships…  Like every woman I have had my fair share of learning situations.  I’ve had some great and some not so great but I have been blessed to take away some wonderful little nuggets of learning from every partnering.  I’ve had everything from the boyfriend who cheated so atrociously that he had a child and even married another woman while we were together. To what I have now… each day is so wonderful that I am left breathless by his soulful generosity to everyone. I love that I have taken every opportunity to learn something of what I have wanted verses focusing on the “bad” and in turn creating an obstacle in my path. Nothing could be better than learning how to love myself more and more with each opportunity.  Knowing that what I am feeling is valuable and knowing that whatever happens around you to not take it personally… Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. Yet, Everyone learns and communicates differently and figuring out how your partner does that is so important in the longevity of a relationship. All the while not forgetting the love you have for yourself.  I can’t stress enough that the love of your life starts with you!



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