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Deer Caught in the Headlights September 1, 2012

It seems that there’s a new show out that’s a spin-off of “Toddlers and Tiara’s” named “Honey Boo Boo” named for the child in it.  I have to say from the get go that I have never watched them.  Show’s like “Jersey Shore” (I’ve also never seen) and these I believe are simply showing the country at its worst.  I don’t disagree that there are people out there like this but why do we have to glorify it? Watching these shows to me seems like deer caught in the head lights who can’t turn away… but we have choice the one consistent topic I have.  We can watch something else or simply turn off the television. What about reading a book?  I even had “Honey Boo Boo and Reality Television” as the title but  changed it because I didn’t want to add to its internet presence.  The most unhealthy thing about this is that there are people who watch it and chose to emulate it. So tell me why are these shows even out there?  I know that they started years ago when there was a writer’s strike and the time needed to be filled and they chose “Big Brother” to launch it all but the shows with these young children is sheer child abuse and bullying as we laugh at it. Where are the children being protected?


I don’t tend to use my blog for this kind of discussion around harm but the energy that this kind of television creates is terribly unhealthy.  Why would we watch it when there is so much else out there that is healthy and beautiful.  That which we focus on is magnified… So why not chose to focus on something that is Joyful and loving… So next time you turn on the T.V. ask yourself: How loving is this?  How educational is this?  Am I receiving joy?  Better yet How loving and I being?





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