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10 Steps to a Healthy Relationship! January 6, 2012

I have been organizing a Free Tele-Seminar, “10 Steps to a Healthy Relationship!”.  I’m getting excited the closer I get to the date!  The sharing of time with loving people to expand their already innate knowledge.  We all have arrived on this planet with everything we need to be the most unconditionally loving people we can be.  And to constantly continue are path to further expansion and knowledge is an exciting idea to me. People coming together to share in a collective idea based in Love really makes me kvell!

I have organized 10 steps triggered by my 3 focal points.  My favorite of which is: “Continue to foster the love for yourself.  For when you can love yourself, flaws and all you can love your partner more completely for who they are.”  And I really mean ALL your flaws… Think about it How often do you look in the mirror and “pick” at yourself? For that fact look at others and pick at them?  By being as gentle as you can, this helps to facillitate internal and external love. Also we  all get wrapped up in the daily rig-a-ma-roll that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves… and in turn our partner.  What can you do to care for yourself? To take time….? To breathe..

I look forward to talking with you all!

Love and Pink Light



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