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The Who of You… May 13, 2010

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I am going to start a weekly posting called “The Who of You”. Of course there will be the other regular musings to read but this one is special.  I have had very unique thought about love for a while…. There are a lot of books out in the world the talk about the “What’s” and the “How’s” of being in the dating and love world.  It all seems to focus on the exterior. The hugely successful books “He’s just not that into you” or “The Rules” never focus on the who…. Like, hey do you even like him? How do you feel about you? What makes you sing? What are your joys?…. The inside of you. Who truly are you in this world?

We live in a world that lives on an IV drip of real-time information and we don’t stop to see and listen to our own inner voice to hear who we are.  So it is all about what we are, our job, our home, our car and what we can provide.  What’s the first thing you ask when meeting someone at a party… it’s usually What do you do for a living?  That’s the What of a person..How about What’s the last book you read or What did you want to be when you grew up. Stop for  a minute and think about our society and how it supports the what of us and not the who.  So how can we be expected to enter a relationship that is supported by the who. We have lived this way for centuries so how can be begin to shift this thought process?

This is just the beginning of my musing of the who of you!


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