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The Who of You… December 23, 2010

What would happen if we all decided to leave ourselves alone and simply show up… with ALL of who we are and our so-called “stuff?  I for one hope that we all have some stuff because the older we get the more we have.  It is what makes us human and fallible and conscious.  Without it we wouldn’t be our rich full intricate selves… Think of it as a Jackson Pollock life.  The more intricate the paint splatter the more interesting we become.  So what if we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, open with out all the obfuscation of the thoughts of what we “Should”be?

There’s that word again… should. We all have moments of piling a lot of should on ourselves but again… Breathe stay in the moment and ask yourself what might you be frightened of as to allow yourself to not show up authentically. I have an idea!! Live a so-called expressionists life!! And what I mean by that is be brave!! Throw some paint around! We might not be Mr. Pollock but our lives might be expressionally fun!

Be Bold! Be Brave!

Love and Light



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