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Jealousy: An inside job October 4, 2011

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As many of you know I’m inspired by my clients on a regular basis and as such I end up writing about that inspired thought.  Well today it is about jealousy.  For some reason this topic has been coming up quite a but recently so it got me thinking.  What’s it all about and why do this pesky emotion keep creeping up?  Often times it’s in reference to a partner or it could even be cooked up at work.  So why does this happen in the first place?  I have found that it is because you are uncomfortable about something or you don’t feel secure in your present situation.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the other person.  It is an inside job, like most things.  It’s about the choices you are making to feel the way you feel.  How can you take a step back so that you can have some objectivity?  So you can see what is really bothering you.  In what way do you  feel like you are not measuring up?  How can you take a breath and step back?

Also it’s created by a communication line that has been hidden from you.  Once you have addressed it within, you can then talk about it with your partner/work associate. What’s a way of addressing it so you can phrase the question from an “I” standpoint? Like,”I just wanted to talk about something so I won’t continue to stew. Are you… (what’s causing the jealousy)”  Then that line of communication has been addressed.


When we allow ourselves to feel that vulnerable feeling and know that it’s ok…. We are then able to shift those catabolic (unhealthy) emotions because this toxic emotion can wreak havoc with the fiber of that working relationship.  So if we acknowledge what’s going on and what’s really at the base of those feelings we can shift them and foster a more healthy union, be it work or intimate.


Love and Pink Light



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