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What is Sexual Empowerment…. January 30, 2011

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As some of you may know I am a Certified Professional Relationship Coach who specializes in Sexual empowerment.  I’m regularly asked what Sexual Empowerment is. So I though I would write a little bit about here today…..

Every moment, every step, every feeling we have, we take a breath…we Breathe.  They say one conscious breath in and one conscious breath out is a mediation.  So I invite you to think what would happen if you take that moment of breath to unite with your spirit and truly enjoy that sensual moment with another?  Sexual Empowerment is a breath.  Is a powerful breath.  It is that moment when you have reached true interconnectedness with mind, body and spirit.  Now this connection may be with your partner but it may also be with yourself as well. There are myriad ways to reach this powerful level of union with self and that is where is must start.  By truly loving ones self inside and out you can then love another just the same.  So let’s come together and discuss how we can elevate the intimacy in your sex life to levels that you have only dreamed of!!


Love and Pink Light!



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