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Habits… Are you aware of yours? July 11, 2014

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Recently I have been spending time with a rather exceptional 7 year old and the other day she said, “You did it again!”.  Which seemed confusing to me since I had no idea what I was doing to do it again….  She noticed that I was saying, “That’s Insane!” which I say when something is either super yummy or quite spectacular.  That said, I guess I’m saying it a lot because I find many things about life… spectacular. But either way I’m saying it repetitively and unaware of it….


This got me thinking… What else may I be doing that I am unaware of??  I also in turn noticed that my clients were talking about that which they were unaware… How might you be going about life oblivious.  The only thing we have control of is the way we think and the way we respond to things.  Do you have habits of which you are unaware?  I’ll share another one of mine with you.  I also have a habit of turning on music in the house that my boyfriend doesn’t like when my leaves … And Dance around.  OK so that’s a bit silly, but it’s a habit.  It takes 21 days to make or break a habit….  Who wants to join me in creating new healthy habits, mindful living.


I have just completed my 1 on 1 physical therapy and now have the ability to go to the facility and do rehab on my own.  This is my habit that I want to support and grow.  Who wants to join me in a new habit? Share with me what you are doing so we can support each other in mindful, healthy living!





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