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Walking With a Friend… September 13, 2011

Monday morning I woke up and went for a walk with a friend.  Now this city girl walks all the time but it’s exactly as you might think it is… on pavement, all day long.  Well this morning my walk was out early and up where the air was so fresh it almost smelled like grapes.  Seriously it smelled like grapes!.  When it didn’t smell of grapes it was of pine trees and I was immediately brought back to being a little kid during the summer at a house in Maine my family use to go to.  There was so much moisture in the air that even the barn we walked past looked hazy. It was so close yet it felt quite surreal.  What made it even more lovely was there was no lack of conversation yet there wasn’t a need to speak. The air… was just so easy to breathe.  It was just so easy to be…. I could have kept walking forever not just the hour that we were out!

This led me to a litany of questions: I wonder what do you do to get out of your head?  How do you share space with another? What do you do to breathe easier?  Do you walk with a friend? Meditate?

What was so delicious about this moment in time was that it was different from my normal morning routine.  I hope for you a peaceful nature filled week!

Love and Pink Light



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