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Re-invention October 31, 2013

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Happy Halloween Everyone!


There’s a remarkable thing about coaching….. I often find that the very thing my clients want to work on is the same exact thing that I want to be aware of in my own life. This synergistic confluence of events has always been remarkable to me!  I have been coaching recently around re-invention and how we can move forward with the idea of it being an exciting new adventure.  And since it’s Halloween and everyone is working on the their costumes it got me thinking….

I love Halloween and all it’s costumes and creation of characters.  Every year as we start down the path of deciding “what to be” it’s such a fun opportunity to play…..  What would happen if we embraced life as an exciting “what to be”.  Change in our lives can be scary and over whelming but think of the possibilities that we could have if we stay in the moment and ask our selves what’s my opportunity here to enjoy this new creation?


So my questions are: What are you going to be for Halloween?  What re-invention are you going to create for yourself? How are you going to play in your life?


Lots of Love!



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