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Starting the Year Off on the Right Foot? January 3, 2012

We as humans even if we dont’ mean to do it we end one year and start the next year thinking about our resolutions and what we want to do to start fresh.  As Life Coaches we monopolize on this.  You’ll here “It’s time to get Healthy’ or “It’s time to make that change!” It is the fresh resurgence of new clients after the 1st of the year.  Now I, like the best of them , love this beginning of newness.  But I wonder what would happen if you the client made it an ongoing process instead of the fast starts and quick completions.  Or are you even completing? We are constantly a work in progress and glorious being.  We didn’t do anything “wrong ” the previous year for us not to have reached fulfillment.  It takes baby steps to start anything new.  Why don’t we simply love ourselves Just The Way We Are? And be ok if something doesn’t shift over night.  If you think about it never does.  The Universe is constantly conspiring on our behalf and working when we you least expect it.


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