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Goal Setting…. June 10, 2010

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As a coach I help people reach their “goals” in an achievable sustainable way….   Yes you might want to increase your bank account, let go of some weight or even meet the partner of your dreams but I have a new thought for some of you…..

Your stated goal isn’t really your goal. Your goal is how this idea makes you feel.  What you thought was your stated goal is only the strategy for achieving peace, contentment, and love.  For example let’s say that you want to increase your income to well over a 6 figures.  The goal is, how will this make you feel and what will you achieve in reaching your stated goal.  Is it that you have more financial freedom or say it will give you the ability to live a fuller life?  So making more money is your strategy and not your true goal.

What does your true  goal and what t is your strategy to achieve it?


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