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How do you unplug? October 26, 2011

As I sit here listening to the clock tick and the birds chirp, I wonder how do people unplug?  We, myself included run around during our day strapped to our phone.  Not but 10 years ago we were able to leave our home/office and be relatively untethered.  But now between texting, IM’ing, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn or any social media for that fact (along with all the different  pieces of technology we use) we undergo a barrage of static energy.  For our business and our relationships to work we have told ourselves this is how it needs to be.  But I want to know: What do you want it to be?  How can we find that happy medium where our business and intimate relationships can thrive? How can you unplugged? Turn off? Put down and walk away from this stimulus?

You know how when your on vacation and you decide to turn off your phone and computer it can take at least a few days to realize that you aren’t running late for something? You know that feeling: “I know I should be doing something”.  How do you allow it to dissipate?  It amazes me how long it takes that anxious feeling to go away and it’s even stronger when you work for yourself! What can you do to unplug, step away and put down the gadgets?  Is it taking a walk… without them? Meditate? How do you give yourself permission to not respond?  I have really been enjoying getting out in nature and going for a walk… Heaven.  This stress level can and to myriad illnesses as we know. So let’s start a dialogue on what we can do to let in the air, Love and space!

What do you do?


Love and Pink Light



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