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Letting Go Of The Temptations Of The Flesh September 1, 2015

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I was a vegetarian for over a decade in my teens through to my 20’s simply to be healthier but I ultimately succumb to the temptations of the flesh…  I succumb to the yum…  But alas things change.  I have been really working towards the belief of ‘Do not harm’.  This has been a focus for me in thought, word and action towards others (which is the easiest for me) for decades.  But where I was getting caught up was in those insidious little niggling thoughts that slip in sideways about myself.  I may not use the word should verbally but I find myself thinking it.  They would come up when I felt I wasn’t being enough in one way or anther. When they would and occasionally still do come up I remind myself to be gentle then let it go and move forward (perfectionism discussion for another post 🙂 ).  After some kind work I was ready  to take the step forward to truly doing no harm.  And that took the form of letting go of the temptations of the flesh.  Because doing harm for me, meant the discomfort I felt in regards to consuming animals and harming the animals.




I live in a Very rural area with many many cow farms.  I fell in love with the local Highland cows at a neighborhood farm.  I renamed them ‘My People’ because of their red hair… bad idea for a compassionate meat-eater because who would want to eat their people??!!  I am very aware of wanting to  always walk the talk in my life.  I don’t want to say one thing and do another.  So in the attempt of doing so I let go of the temptation.  I thought I’d have trouble but I feel great physically and karmically feel great!  So when I drove by my people today and stopped and said hello my heart felt free! I love knowing that I am yet one more step towards truly doing no harm.






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