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#TheLoveProject May 6, 2012

Last week I started a new hashtag group on Twitter and Face book with my clients and friends.  It is The Love Project! It’s a place were you can write about all the things that you love and make you happy! Because as you know I am a fan of the expression, “That which you focus on you have more of”  So why not focus on LOVE!  I’m sure you all have moments were you grouse and groan but as we know that doesn’t make the uncomfortable situation go away.  And it may temporarily make you fell better but why not change it completely? Shift your thinking in that moment to what it is that you want, like or love!

So here’s how it works… Every time you see, hear, feel, think of, or sense something that you love, Say it out loud for the world to hear or in this case read so it becomes greater! Write it on my Facebook wall or tweet it to me @ThatHamilton For when you start to focus on love more regularly the other stuff will pale in comparison!

Join in on the Love at #theloveproject!




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