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What Makes You Show Up? December 13, 2010

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We all have our own sense of value and our own sense of importance but What really makes you show up?  I find the topic of perceived value fascinating.  What makes Nike sneakers more desirable than say keds? What makes a high fashion model more desirable than say a print model.  What makes an Aston Martin more valuable than say a Kia? Perceived Value.  It even goes so far as What makes E-harmony more valuable than Perceived value.  It comes right down to paying more money for something.  That “thing” might actually not be worth more but you simply might be paying more money for it.

Let’s look at the Nike sneaker that’s made in China that they, the manufacturer pays very little for but we the consumer pay quite a bit for and hence believe that it is quite valuable. Specifically next to the inexpensive keds sneaker.  That can be taken down the line from how much money something is to how attractive something is.  Our society is built on Perceived Value.

So I ask you… What are your true values or core values?  How do you want people to know you?  On perceived value or true depth of character.  True quality and following your path?


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