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Peace on Earth December 20, 2012

The last few days here in CT have been very raw for people.  In response, so much has been said in reference to what “should” be done….. What parents “should” do… That word… should.  My mind keeps going to the children who don’t have involved parents.  What about them?  Who will care for them?  And then I came to the same thing that I always come to…..




The love of ourselves and more importantly the love of all, others.  That is the only thing in this life worth anything.  Love…. We can love all that is around us. So stop and ask yourself when pressures and stress of the season start tot get to you as they do to everyone…

What would Love do? And move forward from there.

My wish for you all at this holiday and Christmas season is true joy, peace but above all…. love   

Happy Happy Holidays!




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