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Who of you… January 7, 2011

I have written before about the Zen Buddhist word Mehta or Maitri the words for unconditional love for one’s self. The meditation practice is a practice of loving kindness. It starts with someone who is the easiest to love, then it shifts to oneself and then moves out to the person who is the most difficult to love. So then with great practice even if you were say, being robbed you would still have great loving kindness for the robber.

These thoughts lead me to the thought of how do we cultivate the most loving, compassionate, passionate relationship on this 3rd dimensional planet….? We started with, You! How can you love someone else until you love yourself unconditionally however you are.  So I invite you during this next week when you find that you are letting your chattering monkey get away, stop yourself and ask,”Where are my feet?” then. “Who takes care of me the best?” YOU! You are the only who can know you the best!


I will write more on this topic in my next “Who of You”.  Again Who is your most passionate partner?…. You?


Love and Pink Light



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