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The Great Philosopher: Yoda November 20, 2011

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 Today is a quick post in reference to a status update I made on Facebook….. As the great philosopher, Yoda once said, “There is no try… You either do or do not.” I have always loved this quote because it couldn’t be more true!  When you think about it, often times we will say, “I’m gonna try…”.  Well if  you think about it, when you do something you are actually doing it or you’re not.  It kind of along the lines of; “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice” – origin of quote unknown

Sometimes inactivity is still activity. So I invite you to look at your words and how you speak (as I always do).  Look at your actions and what you do.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were more conscious of your actions?!! Make a choice to take action and Do!!  When you think about this idea it’s kind of exciting, don’t you think?


Love and Pink Light



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