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Being Uncomfortable… November 2, 2011

Sometimes when we love someone intimately we become uncomfortable… Love isn’t always an easy thing to do.  It pushes buttons if we are meant to grow.  I use the taffy example on a regular basis: We are like taffy which must be pulled and stretched in order to become the yummy, multi-faceted result.  Love can do that to us.  If we allow ourselves to be unconditionally loving we learn to trust ourselves and love ourselves first.  We then are able to love others in kind.  When those pesky buttons get pushed we are given the opportunity to look at what they are truly about and then determine what healthy choice to make going forward.  We are not at the effect of our life but we then become the cause of it.  Make conscious healthy choices to help both you and your partner.  No one wants to be a victim of circumstance so acknowledge where your fears are coming from and proceed lovingly and gently.

You’re also given the opportunity to talk to your partner about your feelings. What may be coming up for you and why.  We know that people can’t make us feel anything that we don’t allow.  So proceed gently and above all unconditionally loving towards yourself and your partner.  Once we truly allow another in we are able to grow even more!! How wonderful is that!!

Love and Pink Light



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