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Being Uncomfortable November 26, 2011

I understand that many people have differing view points on our thoughts and the power they hold. I myself have been a fan of the quote, “Thoughts become things… so think the good ones” (tut).  I Totally believe this belief.  That said that doesn’t mean that I ignore the  uncomfortable feelings when they come up and they most certainly will with most people.  It’s only natural!  They’re there for a reason: to educate, to illicit questioning and to open our eyes.  I believe that if we acknowledge what’s going on and process it, we can then move past it.  Ultimately make a choice.  Do I want to be upset, angry or whatever the feeling/feelings may be?  Do I want to hold on to this catabolic emotion so that it can have power over me? OR am I chosing the healthier more anabolic feelings?  What quality of life do I chose?   I know for one that it’s very important to understand where our feeling originate.  Being uncomfortable is there so that it can teach you something. And as we know every opportunity is an opportunity to learn.

What do you choose?


Love and Pink Light




3 Responses to “Being Uncomfortable”

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  2. Kathy Says:

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